Troy Ohio

THS Marching Band Kicks Off 2017 Season with Annual S.P.A.M. Night

By Camryn Spencer, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

After the success of the 2016 marching season, the Troy marching band is already preparing for the upcoming season with their annual S.P.A.M night event. It will be held in the high school cafeteria on January 18, 2017 and band students from all grades are anticipating the announcement of the upcoming show theme.

S.P.A.M stands for "Show Presentation and Mixer" and helps current eighth graders through juniors connect with each other before the season starts in mid July. Parents are welcome to celebrate with the students as they too are anxious for next season.

"S.P.A.M night is a time for us to get together and meet before the season officially begins," said Mrs. McIntosh, the band director. "We do a series of team building activities that are fun and important to the students."

Last year was the first year the marching band held this event and it was a big hit with the students. With previous years, the show theme was announced at the band banquet which is held in November every year. Students weren't thrilled with the idea of waiting for the show theme, but that all soon changed when they figured out the theme for last year's show.

"When I heard last year's theme I was excited but also kind of scared because it was about a poem. It wasn't like 'Queen' or 'Time Works' at all. They had no music hints but I was so excited to see how the band was going to portray a poem. It was kind of a in the moment sort of deal. From the video last year, I thought it was going to be about flowers because of how many were in the video. But I pretty much had mix emotions from when I figured out but overall excited for the show, just like this year," said junior Lauren Heckman.

As this year's seniors depart from their senior status, the juniors are all ready for their senior band season.

"For this year's S.P.A.M night, I am hoping to connect and bond with the future freshman in band since I will be mentoring them next year. I also am excited to see if my senior year will be great because this event definitely kicks off the marching season," said junior Zoey Gueder.

Even if this year's seniors have already marched their last show, they still have advice for incoming freshman as they go to march their first show.

"Hard work. That's all it takes. Being prepared for anything and everything helps tremendously. We all have the same goal and we have to work together to achieve that goal. The first show is one you'll remember the longest, make it count," said Allison Tyre, a senior colorguard member.

S.P.A.M night is for all band members from colorguard to the drumline. This event definitely proves the "one band, one family" motto the band cherishes. The Troy marching band is prepared to march on with the help of S.P.A.M night.

Camryn Spencer is a sophomore at Troy High School and is a colorguard member in the band. She loves S.P.A.M night event because of the games and the anticipated show theme.